Cordoba patios

Cordoba patios 8th May 2019

When Cordobans celebrate the annual Courtyard Festival and Contest, the beautiful courtyards of their homes are open to the public. Many house owners in Cordoba’s traditional neighbourhoods join
the contest and open their doors. So everyone has the chance to get insights in architectural treasures that are typical for Cordoba – the so-called Patios. During the festival, people are welcome to enjoy courtyards of incomparable beauty, packed with trees and flowers, fountains and accessories.

The twitter of birds, ripple of water and the odour of flowers will make you forget the world for moments. Nothing reminds you of being in the heart of such a vibrant and busy city.
Many Patios are furnished because Cordobans love it to enjoy warm summer nights staying outside and chattering with their neighbours.
The Patio Festival is a tradition that began in 1918. During the Spanish civil war, it had been interrupted and became reintroduced in the 1950s. The festival is intended to make hidden treasures available to the public. Furthermore, it is to honour the residents’ efforts to retain these traditional places.
The festival is a tradition which is unique in the world. By the way, there is a saying the patios of Cordoba would be the most beautiful courtyards all across Spain. We believe this is true. So does Unesco, the United Nations’ cultural organization. Since 2012, the Cordoba Patios have been part of the world cultural heritage.
Pick up Times
Nerja Club 07:00
Nerja Bus Station 07:05
Rui Monica 07:10
Hotel Marinas 07:20
Torrox Bus Station 07:30
There will be a 30 minute stop for Breakfast we should arrive in Cordoba around 10:30.
We will Leave Cordoba at 17:00 and should be back in Nerja around 20:00
Members 20€ Visitors 25€

Ronda romantica

May 25th 2019 Enjoy Ronda during its most romantic festival.

Ronda is as picturesque a town as you’ll find and there’s no better time to experience it than the beautiful festival of Ronda Romantica.
Steeped in the romance of its legendary daring antics, Ronda turns back the clock to look through an enchanted window at the early 19th century – an era of occupying soldiers and the patriots that
fought them, brave muscateers and elegant dandies, fierce bandoleros and their beautiful lovers.
Our visit, will provide time for you to wander the streets and parks perched high above the Guadalevín River in the steep mountains of the Serranía de Ronda, watch magnificent displays of horsemanship,
see re-enactments of historic stories, or just relax and enjoy the passing parade of costumed Serranos from Ronda and the surrounding towns.
Tip: In past years the artisanal market has had a wealth of quality goods from textiles, leather-goods and jewellery to cakes, cheeses and smallgoods to rival any bandolero’s haul, so if you’ve a bent for shopping don’t forget to bring money and perhaps an extra bag for your booty. While there is plenty of room in the bus to stow your goodies for the return trip, we regret that you will have to carry them with you throughout the day.
Please note also that the official programme is subject to last minute changes so event descriptions are indicative only.
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Members: €12
Visitors: €17

Coach transport to Ronda and return.

Departure times:
08.45 hrs Hotel Riu Monica
08.50 hrs Nerja Bus Station – taxi rank side
09.00 hrs Hotel Club de Nerja
09.05 hrs Hotel Marinas de Nerja, Punta Lara side
09.20 hrs Torrox Costa Bus stop
11.30 hrs Estimated arrival in Ronda
Return Journey:
17.30 hrs Depart from Ronda
Approximate return time to Nerja 19.30
All times quoted are approximate.
We reserve the right to alter the schedule and itinerary as local circumstances dictate.

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Picasso “He can’t Paint


“He Can’t Paint”

a Conversation with Carmen

Love Picasso or hate him, this conversation about his life, works, and talent, is bound to be interesting.

Join our favorite guide and art expert, Carmen, as she chats about one of Malaga’s best known sons, the prolific painter Picasso.

As informative as a lecture, but much more interesting, you’re invited to offer your opinion, participate with questions, or if you prefer you can just listen, as Carmen takes us through his early years in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris; his women; the artists who influenced him, Velazquez, Goya, Matisse et al; his genius, cubism, portraits, and commitment; the drama of wars.

Through the conversation, you’ll be introduced to selected works from the Museo Picasso in Malaga.


Members: €4

Visitors: €6


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In the Clubroom

Alhambra presentation


The Alhambra

A Presentation with Carmen

January 18th

11am at the Clubhouse

Alhambra is Spain’s most visited monument. Located on the al-Sabika rocky hill overlooking the city of Granada, the fabulous complex is not just another architectural treasure in an already incredibly rich country, but the last remaining Moorish stronghold in Europe, as well as the oldest Muslim palace in the world.

Our in-house presentations with Carmen are always popular so be sure to book early

Member 4€

Visitors  6€



Pimientito 7th February 2019

pimientito jpeg


7th February 2019  7:30 pm

Join us for an evening of classical and flamenco guitar with Mark “Pimientito” Shurey. Experience the sounds of this wonderful music in the comfort of our clubroom with delicious paella included in the ticket price.
Mark Shurey has been fascinated by the guitar since the age of 10 and 2 years later was inspired to take up classical guitar. His passion for flamenco began 8 years later and resulted in him leaving England to live in Spain where he learned from the gypsies of Andalucia and earned the name “Pimientito”. In the last 5 years Mark has furthered his studies with Gerardo Nuñez who is currently the top flamenco player in Spain. Mark is the only English Guitarist in the world to receive 5 diplomas in guitar technique from this master. He has performed at many of the large music festivals in England, Ireland, France and Holland, written the music for two Lorca stage productions, made many radio and TV appearances and lectured in the UK, Spain, and the USA.

Members: €14
Visitors: €18
Your ticket includes a paella plate.

Bookings can be made in the clubrooms:
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays between 11am and 1.30pm.

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In the Clubroom