How to book a place on a trip or in house event

Email booking

Many members have expressed their desire to book and pay for trips and events online. Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to process online bookings or membership renewals.

We can however facilitate bookings and membership renewals via Email and bank transfer.

You can pay by Bank Transfer and you need to pay any fees that are incurred for this.

To do this you need to tell us what trips you would like to book and for how many people. If you would like to pay membership fees, you can also include that too.

We will send you an invoice and a bank transfer form with our bank details.

Generally bookings by bank transfer will be processed over the weekend.

We will hold places on the trips for you for a week in order for you to get the payment organised.

We will send you confirmation when the booking is complete.

The receipts will be held on the bookings desk and you can pick them up when you come to the club.